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FMDVRSA - Type RS Blow Off Ventil

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FMDVRSA - Type RS Blow Off Ventil

FMDVRSA - Type RS Blow Off Ventil

Spezielles Atmosphärisches Blow Off ventil verstellbar welches den Whosh Ton erzeugt bekannt aus dem Motorsport

25mm oder 34mm Verbinder

The Forge RS valve has been specifically designed and engineered, to offer extreme flow rate capability, where other valves are just not up to it. Often when engines have been tuned by installing larger turbos or even software upgrades improved turbo response can be acheived by fitting the RS valve which has the greater internal mass air flow specification utilising an amazing 50mm (2") bore.

For fine tuning there is a variable spring preload incorporated and a ratchet type top adjuster that will allow for the positive and precise adjustment that your driving style demands. To ease installation a 360 degree adjustable vacuum hose connector
With a choice of inlet and outlet connections the RS valve can be matched to your engine perfectly.

This valve incorporates a unique conical, progressive rate spring that can allow for the retention of boost pressure from 7 to 34 PSI depending on the individual user's application and level of adjustment. This unique spring design will also allow for unrestricted piston travel and flow volume regardless of the amount of pre-load adjustment added to the spring. Other manufacturers valves using cylindrical springs with adjustable pre-load often experience restricted piston travel and flow volume within the normal range of valve adjustment.


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